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Introducing the Sentral Parent Portal

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We are excited to share our Parent Portal, powered by Sentral, to securely access school records and make updates. Log in today!

What is the Sentral Parent Portal for?

 Sentral Parent Portal

The Sentral Parent Portal allows families to keep track of school records and make amendments to your family’s information, including:

(Please note that all amendment submissions will require enrolment approval before the change is reflected in the database).

What is the Difference Between Sentral and Learning@Faith?

difference between Sentral and Learning@Faith

Learning@Faith is a Learning Management System, and is the platform where learning takes place. For parents, Learning@Faith is best used for monitoring and viewing your child’s classes, timetable and teachers. It is also where you can find details about our teacher-led clubs, pastoral care and co-curricular events. The Sentral Parent Portal can be accessed via Learning@Faith and is for secure school records and family details.

How Do I log in?

Access Sentral through Learning@Faith and create an account. Then, use the one-time verification access key provided by IT via email to securely connect to your family’s information in Sentral.

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