Early Years Readers for Years 1-3

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Dear Years 1-3 Families,

You will have received readers to support your child’s progress. We are delighted to be able to provide these colourful readers that align with our approach to teaching your child to read.

At this stage, we have a large percentage of these that have not been returned. In order to service your child’s and other student’s needs effectively we need to be able to exchange these and swap them to share with others at regular intervals. We send these readers out twice per term. 

We will continue to provide this service but we will need you to return what you currently have before further sets of readers will be sent out to you.

Any readers which are outstanding at the end of a semester will be billed to your account. Please, if you have readers sitting at home, get them into the Post so that we can avoid adding this charge to your account.

Return Resources via Post:

PO Box 105, Kingston 4114

Faith Librarian Judy Thompson holding an Early Readers pack
Faith Librarian Judy Thompson showing off an Early Readers pack!

Note: You can count the Readers towards your book count for the Premier’s Reading Challenge!

If you have any questions concerning the reading level that your child is currently receiving please speak with your teacher who is willing and able to assist you. We look forward to seeing your child continue to flourish in their reading journey.

Kind Regards,

The Curriculum Team

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