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At Faith, we believe that all students can access and fully participate in learning alongside their similar-aged peers. This is achieved through the support of our Learning Enrichment Department, a team of dedicated staff who work alongside the teacher and parent to recommend reasonable adjustments, teaching strategies and resources tailored to meet each student’s individual needs.

Individualising Learning

Teachers work with Learning Enrichment staff to identify specific learning needs and discuss the impact of these needs on learning. Under the guidance of the Learning Enrichment department, the teacher will include modifications and reasonable adjustments designed to support the student and allow him/her to experience success working at their independent level.

Ongoing Support

The students’ teachers, in collaboration with Learning Enrichment staff, regularly monitor and review the adjustments made to learning plans and any additional provided support.

Students and parents may be supported in one or more of the following ways:

  • Additional in-home visits
  • Personal or small group support in a local library or community centre
  • Additional support online, which may include instruction or intervention
  • Access to specialised resources from our Learning Enrichment library

Meet our Learning Enrichment Team

  • Leadership Staff Leesa Chalmers Leesa Chalmers fun photo

    Leesa Chalmers

    Deputy Principal Learning Enrichment P – 12

  • Admin Staff Robyn Burns Robyn Burns fun photo

    Robyn Burns

    PA to Deputy Principal Learning Enrichment

  • Sheryl Bergel Learning Enrichment Sheryl Bergel fun photo

    Sheryl Bergel

    Learning Enrichment Coordinator QCIA AARA 10 – 12

  • Helen Jordan

    Learning Enrichment Teacher

  • Kylie Hitz Kylie Hitz fun photo

    Kylie Hitz

    Learning Enrichment Teacher

  • Christine Doyle Sunshine Coast Area Teacher / Lead Teacher Primary Mathematics P - 6 / On boarding Team

    Christine Doyle

    Learning Enrichment Extension Teacher

  • Jacqueline Du Toit fun photo

    Jacqueline Du Toit

    Learning Enrichment Teacher

  • Louise Vicary fun photo

    Louise Vicary

    Learning Assistant

  • Annah Dicuwollah Gold Coast Parent Learning Assistant (PLA)

    Annah Dicuwollah

    Learning Assistant

  • Sarah Van der Walt Sarah Van der Walt fun photo

    Sarah Van der Walt

    Learning Assistant

Enrolments for 2023

We’re accepting enrolments for 2023! Get in touch with our office staff for further information.

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