Senior Year 12 biology students experimenting at a Faith Christian School distance education workshop

Senior Secondary

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Faith Christian School of Distance Education provides senior secondary courses that prepare students for tertiary study, employment, and life opportunities. Our school subjects have met and continue to meet Queensland requirements of the Senior Learning System.

QCAA Courses

Whether Year 11 & 12 students want to choose an ATAR pathway or gain a QCE, Faith offers accredited courses taught through a Christian worldview.

Senior Secondary Teachers

  • Kylie Taylor Senior Essential English Teacher Kylie Taylor fun photo

    Kylie Taylor

    Senior Essential English Teacher

  • Kaitlyn Westbrook Senior English Teacher Kaitlyn Westbrook fun photo

    Kaitlyn Westbrook

    Senior English Teacher

  • Odette Watson Odette Watson fun photo

    Odette Watson

    Senior Maths Teacher

  • Adam Doyle fun photo

    Adam Doyle

    Senior Maths Teacher

  • Joel Chandler

    Joel Chandler

    Future Pathways and Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Louisa Lowe Senior Essential Mathematics Teacher Louisa Lowe fun photo

    Louisa Lowe

    Senior Essential Maths Teacher

  • Jenny Thornton Head of Science 7 - 12 Jenny Thornton fun photo

    Jenny Thornton

    Senior Science and Year 12 Biology Teacher

  • Bibi Thomas Senior Maths & Science Teacher Bibi-Thomas-fun-photo

    Bibi Thomas

    Senior Chemistry and Biology Teacher

  • Andrew Ashton fun photo

    Andrew Ashton

    Senior Science Teacher

  • Senior Maths & Physics Teacher Kristoff Todd fun photo

    Kristoff Todd

    Senior Physics Teacher

  • Rachael Adamson Head of HASS 7 - 12

    Rachael Adamson

    Senior Ancient History Teacher

  • Soffia Scarano Soffia Scarano fun photo

    Soffia Scarano

    Senior Visual Arts Teacher


  • Can Senior students complete a Traineeship/Apprenticeship through Faith?

    Students can complete a traineeship/apprenticeship while completing Year 10-12. Faith’s Future Pathways Officer will be able to assist regarding process available to attain a traineeship/apprenticeship.

  • Can students complete a traineeship/apprenticeship in addition to study?

    Students can complete a traineeship/apprenticeship while completing Year 10-12. Faith’s Future Pathways Officer can assist you with the process for attaining a traineeship/apprenticeship.

  • What is the cutoff date for enrolments for Years 11 and 12?

    Enrolment time has some flexibility. You are best to contact the Future Pathways Officer and talk through your student’s current situation as many options are available. Note that ATAR pathways are a bit more rigid.

  • Can students do courses offered by external organisations as well?

    Yes, Faith students can do courses through organisations such as TAFE. TAFE offers courses that students can do while at school. This is known as ‘Tafe at School’ Program.

  • How many lessons do Year 11 and 12 students have? Are they all online? How many courses per year? How many to graduate?

    This varies from subjects to subject. Generally there are main lesson/s, recorded for later reference and group tutorials for extra help as needed. Most lessons are live online. Some subjects have workshop days (such as Biology, where the practical components are completed). Students at Faith are required to complete a SETP (Senior Education and Training Plan) with the Future Pathways Officer, study at least 4 courses and aim to achieve a QCE with at least 20 credit points by the end of Year 12. Graduation is available to any student who completes their study regardless of achieving a QCE or ATAR.

  • Do Year 12 students have a graduation event?

    We hold a Graduation Ceremony and Formal at the end of each year for our Year 12 students. Graduation is held in Brisbane and is an amazing chance for students to be recognised for their achievements throughout their time at school.

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