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Faith Christian School Withdrawal of Enrolment Policy

Notice of a student’s withdrawal of enrolment from Faith Christian School must be provided by completing the form below. Verbal notice is not an accepted method of official notice of withdrawal. In accordance with the notification periods, the parent or guardian of the student needs to complete the Withdrawal Request Form below and submit it to the School.

Withdrawal Process

1. Submit Form

The legal parent/guardian must submit the withdrawal form.

2. Confirmation of Withdrawal

Our enrolments team will process your request and send you an email confirmation of withdrawal once finalised.

3. Return Resources

Return textbooks and other resources loaned from Faith Resources. (Note: termly unit workbooks do not need to be returned.) You can return Resources either in person to Unit 2, 6-12 Graham St, Underwood or via post to PO Box 105, Kingston, QLD 4114.

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