2024 Student Leadership Camp

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When: Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 June 2023
Who: Open to Students in Years 5 and 11 who would like to take on leadership roles in 2025 as well as our current Student Representative (Years 6 & 12)
Where: TBA

Cost: TBA

Learning Outcomes:

  • Leadership styles
  • How to communicate with their peers
  • How to include Christian values in their everyday lives
  • Exploring challenges and learning how resilience can shape our daily outlook
  • Purpose in finding Gratefulness, Empathy and Mindfulness

What’s included?

  • Bus transport while on camp
  • Dormitory style sleeping arrangements
  • All meals – students to work in groups to prepare meals
  • Pastoral care and support for each students

What to bring:

All School Camp Programs will have the students engage in various adventure based learning activities where they will be outside and could get dirty.  We recommend that they don’t come away on camp programs in new or expensive clothing, old comfortable clothes are preferable.

If you require medications please organise a Webster pack to use over the camp period. You will need to make yourself known to Daniel upon arrival and pass on the Webster pack for safekeeping.

Student equipment list:

Please bring enough clothing for three days + one day extra as a back up.

Sun hat | 2L water bottle | sunscreen | sunglasses | torch | thongs/sandals | long pants | shorts | shirts | appropriate swimwear | raincoat | warm jumper | sneakers (two pairs, one pair may get wet) | towel | undergarments and socks | pen, notepad and Bible | plate, bowl and cup (sturdy material like plastic or tin) | eating utensils | drawstring bag to keep all meal time items together

Students Sleeping Gear:

Sleeping bag | single fitted sheet | pillow and pillow slip | Pyjamas


Soap | toothbrush and toothpaste | insect repellent (preferably roll on, no aerosols) | deodorant (preferably roll on, no aerosols)

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