Premier’s Reading Challenge

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Faith students in Prep to Year 9 can participate in the challenge as individual readers. Register today!

Reading Dates: Monday, 7 May – 23 August 2024

About the Premier’s Reading Challenge

 Premier's Reading Challenge

“The Premier’s Reading Challenge is not a competition but a way to encourage students to develop a love of reading for life.” Learn more about the challenge on the Queensland Government website.

*Experiencing a book includes classroom or at home activities such as shared reading, listening and reading along with a book, or being read to.

The requirement for Year 5 through to Year 9 students to read 15 books rather than 20 books acknowledges that older students are likely to select longer, more complex books that may take them longer to read.

How to Participate

Participate in reading chellanges

1.) Register as an Individual Reader on the government website.

2.) Once you register, email our librarian Judy Thompson at with your child’s name and year level.

3.) Start Reading! Download the Reader Record Form to keep track of books you are reading.

4.) Submit your reading log and receive a Certificate of Achievement issues in October, 2024.

5.) Take a photograph of your child with the Certificate from the Queensland Premier and email it to to be featured on Faith News!

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