Art Competition Winners 2022

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Congratulations to our Winners!

Junior Category

Rivqah – Grade 1

Artist Statement: Happy Father’s Day. Dad cassowary looking after the babies.

Secondary Category – It’s a Tie!

Jasmine – Grade 9

Artist Statement: Rural Fire Fighters challenged by the enormity and destruction of bush fires.

Secondary Category – It’s a Tie!

Isabella – Grade 9

Artist Statement: My artwork is a napkin 3D collage reflecting spring. The colours, the birds & the royal cat show the joy of spring. My art can be used for any spring months it doesn’t have to be September.

Senior Secondary Category

Karina – Grade 11

Artist Statement: When I was younger, I visited my cousin in Tasmania during the winter breaks. The highlight was going horse riding through the snow to reach our cabin. Horse rides through the snow in July.

Thank you to all of our student artists who participated!

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