There’s still time to join The Duke of Edinburgh Program for 2024!

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Do you like to learn new skills, get active, explore new places, help out in your community and meet new friends?

What is the Duke of Edinburgh International Program all about?

The Duke of Edinburgh Program consists of choosing and completing Voluntary Service, Physical Recreation and Skills each week under the supervision of a mentor that you choose for each category.  Physical Recreation could be anything from Tennis, Aerobics, Gym or Dance, with you needing to log a hour of training in this discipline each week.  Learning a new Skill could be Cooking, Drama, Languages, Metal work or even robotics.  Volunteer Service could be bush regeneration, church service, coaching others, et cetera. Faith offers various Adventurous Journey options in the form of camps and expeditions through out the year.  Check out this Duke of Edinburgh Framework Flyer for more information about the whole process, the recognition that you gain from completing the program and the benefits to students.

There are 3 Award levels (Gold, Silver and Bronze) with differing time commitments so you can find the right fit for your schedule. The Online Record Book keeps your progress in an easily accessible place and is simple to navigate. When you successfully complete an Award level you will receive an internationally recognized certificate and badge. The Duke of Ed is a recognized course of study for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). If your Award is completed while you are in Years 10-12, you can earn up to 4 credits—1 for Bronze, 1 for Silver and 2 for Gold.

If you’re interested in this program, but unsure about what type of activities to choose, have a look here at the Award Activity Ideas for a more comprehensive list of options available to you.  No two people complete the award in the same way – it is very much up to each individual to decide on activity areas.  This allows you to personally articulate and chart your journey to complete each award category.  We have had students complete everything from learning new fishing knots to completing service at an animal hospital to playing ultimate disc.

Elligible Year Levels:

At Faith Christian School we have Award Leaders to help answer your questions and to motivate and encourage you on your way to achieving your goals. Learn more on our Learning@Faith page!

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