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Introducing Learning@Faith

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Our IT team has been hard at work this year to plan and implement a new Learning Management System for Faith families. Here’s a video sneak peek at what’s to come in Term 1, 2023! (Watch the video or read the transcript below.)

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System enables you, as a parent, to keep track of your student’s learning. It gives students the ability to come to a safe, centralised place to access the information for their classes, and it allows teachers to share that knowledge through an extended network online, so you can reach information no matter where you are located: anytime, anywhere.

Now, you might be asking:

What are the benefits of Learning@Faith?

Well, some of them are:

1.) It centralises your information, so you only need to go to one place to find your Learning Content. You may be looking for your homework or your tasks or your assessments. You just go to the one ‘class’ page to find it. Instead of having to sort through multiple Google documents or your Google Drives, you just go to the one area and find your Class information.

2.) It is a secure online tool, which means the infrastructure has 24/7 monitoring, so your information is secure and is being looked after. SchoolBox is always monitoring the platform to ensure the privacy of your data and that the information is secure.

3.) It helps you remain in the community at Faith. Learning@Faith offers a range of different groups that people can connect with. As a parent, you might be interested in your Region’s activities and the events that are occurring in that place. You’ll be able to go into Learning@Faith, find that “Faith Region” Group and connect with the people or the task or the event that is occurring at that time. This occurs across all levels throughout the school.

4.) It offers a consistent learning platform for all students, Prep to VET, so everyone comes to the same place and they are able to do their work, geared to their different levels of learning, but still the same platform. You don’t have to learn something new year to year, you just know the same system from Prep all the way to the VET.

What is the timeline for launching Learning@Faith?

This is a long-term project; it’s not something that happens overnight. Our IT team have been working steadily behind the scenes since the beginning of this year to bring the new platform into fruition. We should see this in place in Term 1, 2023, for all students, parents and teachers.

Have Questions? We have answers!

  • Will Learning@Faith replace Moodle?

    Yes, Learning@Faith is one centralised platform for all of your learning needs. This will replace the need for you to navigate multiple systems (Moodle + Google Drive Links + Whiteboard + relying on emails) to find information.

  • Is Learning@Faith for all Year Levels?

    Yes, Learning@Faith will provide a consistent parent experience from Prep to VET (Certificate Courses). This means you won’t need to learn new technologies every year.

  • When will we get access?

    The Learning@Faith platform will be introduced to all parents for training before Term 1 starts. We are also looking for parents to help trial the platform in Term 4. More info here!

  • I have multiple students enrolled at Faith. Will I need multiple logins?

    No, just one! Your parent dashboard will show all of the updates you need to know for each child, as well as filters to view region-specific news and events!

  • Is Learning@Faith secure? What about my child’s data privacy?

    Data security and privacy is one of the key reasons we chose SchoolBox to power Learning@Faith. Schools across Australia rely on SchoolBox for their 24/7 management of performance, uptime and security.

  • I feel overwhelmed by emails. Can I customise the messages I will receive?

    Yes! You’ll be able to select when and how you receive notifications about your child’s assessments, calendars, and more.

  • Can I use my mobile?

    Yes! This platform is mobile-friendly, which means it will resize to fit whichever device you need to access it on. Student learning works best on a computer or tablet.

  • How much will this cost?

    It’s free with your enrolment at Faith! All students, parents and teachers will have access to the Learning@Faith portal.

  • I have a different question.

    We’d love to hear it. Please email your question to Marketing and we will answer it anonymously in a future video.

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