Mr. Graeme Johnston shares student achievements and upcoming events to look forward to in 2024.

Faith News 2023 | Term 4, Week 6

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Video Transcript

“Good morning, everybody, this is Faith News for Week 6, Term 4, and my goodness, isn’t Christmas just around the corner?” 

“If you listen to 96.5 this week, you might hear some ads that have been produced by some of our teachers, Brenda Hides and Tygue Crawford were involved at the Studio, and we put those together each week to help people understand some of the ways that we can teach our children better at home. One of our students has been featured on the news on Channel Ten. Abigail Farley has been involved with the Gift of Music Tour. Check out some footage here!”

“That’s one of the great things about Distance Education, our children are getting involved with all sorts of interesting projects.”

Looking Ahead to 2024

“As you know, our regional Award Nights and our Graduation for Year 6 and Year 12 are coming up, make sure you’ve registered to come to those events, so that you can celebrate with us all the wonderful things that our students have done over the year. There are also some expressions of interest out there for a variety of things, from trips that we would like to think about for next year, to subjects that we would like to do for Senior, so if you’re interested in expanding the things that we offer or improving the things that we do, including our Family Connect Camp next year, click on those so that we can plan to see how many people we are going to need to cater for for these events.”

Family Connect Camp

“One of the expressions of interest that is on this week’s Newsletter is for the Family Connect Camp that we’re planning for next year. We would really like to bring that back. We used to do that in the past, a chance for the families and for the kids to get together with the teachers and enjoy a couple of days together, so if you’d like to be involved with the Family Connect Camp, please go on to the form and express your interest so that we can make that happen in the New Year.” 

The Kokoda Challenge

“We had over a dozen different co-curricular activities this year, from Pedal Prix to Duke of Edinburgh to a Train Your Puppy Dog, Ancient History, and more. Our Chess teams have done well around the State, as well. There’s a new one starting next year, the Kokoda Challenge, one of our teachers is going to train kids who would like to do that, and if you’d like to do that, have a look at the information on our Newsletter, and that might be something you’d like to be involved with, at the very least, you’ll get very fit training for that activity.” 

Student Joke

“We have a joke of the week, and this is from Ariela in Grade 3, and here’s the joke: 

Why did the dog do so well at school? Because he was the teacher’s pet!

And there you go! We probably have teachers pets in our School, we’ll see how that happens, especially if you’re logging on to see those live lessons.” 


“You might remember that after Christ died on the cross that He was walking down the road with a couple of people, on the way to another town. It’s very interesting that in some of our darkest moments, we feel terribly alone, and those two gentlemen felt that way. It didn’t even occur to them that the Person walking with them was Jesus Christ Himself.”

“Life is a journey, and journeys can be wonderful, especially when we go to the places we would like to go. But they can also be difficult. In a hike, sore feet and a sore back from carrying a backpack. In life’s journey, there are twists and turns that sometimes make life very difficult. So, I’d like to challenge you to remember that as we journey through life, with Christ as our Guide, and guided by the Holy Spirit, that we can find the things that God would like us to do, and commit to that journey to the very, very end. Don’t give up. Don’t quit partway through. Don’t stop and sit on the side of the road. Continue that journey, because the destination that Christ has planned for us is well worth the effort. And, as we walk with Christ, we’ll become better, stronger people along the way.” 

“Have a great week, and we’ll see you at our Awards Nights!”

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