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Letter from the Principal | 19 December 2022

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Dear Faith Families, 

As we all head off on holidays, I thought I would write to you and thank you for all you have done to make our School one to be proud of. Over the last year together we have built a new Christian curriculum that passes muster with the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board. This is no small task for both our staff to build and families to adjust to. We have also introduced a range of new opportunities and services for our families that are improving every term. As I read the end of semester two reports, it is clear that we have amazing families that want the very best for their children. 

The improvements continue in 2023 with the following upgrades: 

Lastly, know that all 100+ staff at Faith – teachers, office and support staff are dedicated to giving your child the best education in the state. I know some types of pride are not good, however, I am proud of our school, our staff and our families. Thank you for your support and prayers in 2022. Our staff pray regularly for you and each other. 

Have a blessed Christmas, spend some time together and with our Lord Jesus and we will make 2023 a bigger and better year. With Faith, we can go the distance! 


Graeme Johnston

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