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It’s Week 7! Principal Graeme Johnston shares reflections on the Regional Workshops, and encourages students leaving tomorrow for the Boggabilla Mission Trip.

Video Transcript

Well, good morning, everybody, it’s Week 7 of Term 1, 2023,and I know, from the feedback I’m getting from Teachers, that there’s some excellent work being done by our students sending it in, I’m looking forward to reading the Semester 1 Reports because I know they’ll be excellent!

Term 1 Regional Workshop Recap

Thank you for joining us this week at Regional Workshops around the State. We had lots of kids doing lots of things. There was a focus on a Cornerstone Connections Project, where the kids looked at Easter and did some art and drama connected to that. I really enjoyed seeing the good things that they’re doing!

Boggabilla Mission Trip

Boggabilla Mission Trip heads off tomorrow! They’re heading out to Boggabilla for our first local Mission Trip since COVID came upon us, and we’ve got a bunch of kids going out to that town and that community to impact them, and in serving, they’ll be doing everything from doing the breakfast at the local High School to interacting with the community in a number of ways. So, pray for them over the next few days, that they’ll really enjoy what they’re doing, make an impact, and we intend to go back later in the year and do a follow-up Mission Trip.

Co-Curricular Reminders

If you look on the website, you’ll notice that there are now 18 Teacher-Led co-curricular projects, where kids can get involved with things that are online, and they can get involved with things that they get together physically and do some things together, as well. I love the Puppy School, learning how to train a puppy. That’s a really good thing to do! But there are lots of other things that the kids are doing right across the State. Make sure you, if you would like to, take advantage of that.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had Team Games across the State in various locations. There’ve been ten of them, and we’ve had hundreds of kids turn up, many of them in their new House colours, to enjoy competing with each other and having a great time, and enjoying each other’s fellowship. I went to one of those, it was a great morning with the kids running, enjoying each other’s company and I had some great chats to parents, as well!

Verse of the Week

The theme last week at our Workshops was Cornerstone Connections. Here’s a Verse related to that:

In the New Testament, the Cornerstone metaphor was used. The Apostle Paul talked about knowing Christ better. If you get your foundations right, then you can build a really good life. In Ephesians, Chapter 2, Verses 19-21, it talks about how, ‘with Jesus Christ Himself as the Chief Cornerstone, in Him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple to The Lord’. We want our kids to build lives on solid foundations, not their status on social media, not wearing the right clothes, not being popular, as such, but learning about what life is really all about and building a really solid life so they can enjoy what they’re doing.

Student Joke of the Week

Which brings me to our joke for the week, and then we’ll finish with a prayer. This is from Class Year 4S, and the joke is:

‘What did one wall say to the other?

“Meet you at the corner!”‘

I reckon that’s a pretty good joke! Let’s close with a word of prayer, shall we?

Heavenly Father, we have an in-built desire to have a good life. For some people, that maybe means an easy life, and I’m not sure what that means, but I do know a good life involves having You at the center of my life. I pray that as Christian men and women and young people, that we can learn about what’s really important in our lives and get those things right, and then we can build a good life, knowing that it will withstand the storms of life and be there when times are good, also. So, protect us and guide us, help us to be the men and women that You wanted us to be, to enjoy the wonderful life, we’ve been given the privilege to live on this planet, and to make the world around us a better place, as You instructed us to do. We ask this in Your Precious and Holy Name, Amen.

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