New Initiative for 2024 will bring Families Closer and Engagement with the School to a New Level

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by Warren Spooner, School Pastor

As 2023 is winding down and we’re all looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Saviour, we thought that you would like to get a “heads up” on an important initiative for 2024. 

Distance is always the challenge in our learning platform … 

How can we bring families closer to one another? 

How can we engage well with students and parent educators across the State in a real and meaningful way? 

We will be inviting families to attend a series of “Cluster Meetings” across Queensland, beginning in the far north at the start of Term 1, 2024, that will give us all the opportunity to collaboratively work at better engagement on a local level. 

Every family will have the opportunity to “opt in” to a Cluster group of families who have students at the school and who live as close to one another as is feasible. 

Why establish Family Clusters? 

The Cluster will be the first non-curricular connection point between families and other families and families and the School. 

Ps Was (Warren Spooner), our School Pastor, will take the lead on the School’s side and will be mounting an initial visit to each of the Clusters as early in Semester 1 of 2024 as is feasible. 

At those initial meetings, Ps Was will … 

Stay Tuned! The School will be advising every family of their opportunity to opt into a membership to a specific Cluster! 

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