8 New Teacher-Led Clubs Added in 2024

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We are excited to announce eight new clubs for our distance education students to participate in 2024!

New Clubs in 2024

1. Alpha Youth | Online

Alpha Online is an online version of the famous Alpha Course that has been running internationally for several years. Faith’s Alpha Online will provide Years 7-12 students an online gathering space (you are welcome to bring food and drinks!) where students can explore life, meaning and the Christian faith in an open and honest environment. Anyone can attend Alpha. There is no pressure to respond and we value all opinions expressed in a respectful manner. Many Christians, too, find Alpha very helpful in clarifying aspects of Christianity.

2. Archery Club | Gold Coast, Queensland

Archery Club is for all Gold Cost students in P-12. (Note that students must book in advance as numbers are capped.)

3. Aviation Club | Online

The Aviation Club is an opportunity for people to get together and support each other in their studies in the Aviation industry.

4. Boxing Fitness Club | Gold Coast, Queensland

The Boxing Fitness and Skill Training Club is for students in Years 10 – 12 and provides an introduction to the benefits of fitness training and skills development, based around one of the oldest Olympic sports! Known by those who love the sport as “The Sweet Science,” Boxing demands the highest levels of fitness, core strength and skill development (both offensive and defensive).

5. Documents Done Right Club | Online

Documents Done Right is for students in Yr 10-12 who want to learn tips and tricks to make their assessment documents stand out from the crowd. Focus on improving documents created in ‘Office” applications for assessments.

6. Mobile Photography Club | Online

Learning a weekly mobile phone photography concept, submitting an example using concepts learnt from students weekly, then group discussion on what worked and what didn’t work for them.

7. Nursing Career Club | Online

Support group for all students interested in the nursing industry.

8. Picture Book Creation Club | Online

Creative Writing Club is a place of imagination and exploration. In Creative Writing Club we read creative texts, share our ideas about them, discuss writing genres and techniques, and have a crack at writing our own piece of creative writing. Once the story is written, you will use the free Canva app to create a picture book which will generate your own unique illustrations. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to submit your own writing to a range of creative writing competitions and have a chance to win against other Queenslanders and Australians just like you! 

Continuing Clubs in 2024

These eleven awesome clubs are continuing this year!

1. Art Club | Online

2. Chess Club | Online

3. Dog Training Club | Online

4. Entrepreneur and Market Stall Business Club | Online

5. Homework Club | Online

6. Jackbox Games Club | Online

7. PedalPrix Team | Toowoomba, Gold Coast

8. Science Club | Online

9. Sharemarket Game Club | Online

10. Story Time Club | Online

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