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Students in Year 10 have English, Maths and Science as Core Subjects, as well as the choice of 2-3 electives from the Australian Curriculum and/or VET.

Core Subjects

Year 10 students have the following required Core Subjects:

Year 10 English

Year 10 English enables students to build on their written, spoken and multimodal communication skills. They learn to read and view a variety of texts analytically, including novels, films, media articles and autobiographies. The curriculum explores both a personal and Christian Worldview which enables students to ask big questions about themselves and the world. A strong emphasis in English is based on discussion and the opportunity for all students to share a variety of interpretations about texts.

Year 10 Mathematics

Students apply the four operations to algebraic fractions, finding unknowns in formulas after substitution, make the connection between equations of relations and their graphs, compare simple and compound interest in financial contexts and determine probabilities of two- and three-step experiments

They also problem-solve by calculating the surface area and volume of a diverse range of prisms, finding unknown lengths and angles using applications of trigonometry, use algebraic and graphical techniques to find solutions to simultaneous equations and inequalities and investigate independence of events.

Core Mathematics concludes with an introduction to the Senior Syllabus General Mathematics by studying Earth Geometry and Networks.

Year 10 Science

Students develop their understanding of a number of areas of Science, including genetics, ecosystems, chemical reactions, energy transformations and astronomy. Within these topics, they carry out activities and experiments, and independently design their own experimental investigations over the course of the year. Students also learn to evaluate others’ research and draw conclusions on claims that are of high interest in our modern world.

Elective Subjects

Year 10 students can choose any combination of electives, including VET courses. Students must have a minimum of 2 electives in addition to Core Subjects. Some students choose to study up to 3.


Year 10 History provides students with the opportunity to study the modern world and Australia from 1918 to the present, with an emphasis on Australia in its global context. The transformation of the modern world during a time of political turmoil, global conflict and international cooperation provides a necessary context for understanding Australia’s development, its place within the Asia-Pacific region and its global standing.

Students will develop historical understanding through key concepts and also develop historical skills that will aid them in critical thinking, written communication and research.

Health & Physical Education

Students focus on the two strands of Movement and Physical Activity, and Personal, Social and Community Health. They will refine and advance movement concepts and strategies through exploring the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, understanding training limitations and recovery principles, and analysing how movement performance can be enhanced.

Students will also spend a unit improving the mastery of a sport of their choosing, by developing strategies to evaluate and refine their proficiency. Students will examine current levels of physical activity and design interventions to enhance fitness and physical activity levels in the community.  They will reflect on personal identity and who they are; learn how to manage risk and plan for safety; and explore the challenges adolescents face now and in the future by exploring concepts of mental health issues, stress, anger management and loss and grief.

Visual Art

In Year 10 of the Visual Arts course students learn how to manipulate materials, techniques, and processes as they learn how to develop and refine their own personal art making process. 

Students also gain knowledge and understanding of the application of media and techniques through the visual art forms of drawing, painting, printmaking, and 3D and assemblage. Through analysis, students learn how to recall what they have learnt to represent their ideas and create meaning with purpose by producing art works in 2D, 3D, and design electives. 

Students will learn how to evaluate artworks from different cultures, times, and places and the influence they may have over the work they produce themselves through the frame of a Biblical Worldview.


Course Information Coming Soon

Design Technology

Students will apply their knowledge and practical skills and processes when using technologies and other resources to create innovative solutions, independently and collaboratively. They will develop knowledge, understanding and skills to respond creatively to current and future needs.

Students in Prep to Year 8 will focus on both Technologies strands, Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies. In Year 9 and 10, students will have the opportunity to choose the Design and Technologies strand as an elective.


Students undertaking Year 10 Music will do so through Terms 1- 4. The prerequisite is Yr 9 Music, however, new students (depending upon their skill level) will also be able to register. The course textbook follows topics in music literacy, historical periods, music elements, world music and popular music.

Students also undertake studies in music composition using the free music notation software called Musescore. Vocalisation is an important performance tool students will develop as they learn to critique music and follow more complex music scores.

By the end of the year, students will be invited to take an external board exam from Trinity College London in Music Theory (Grade 3).

*Note that other subjects are potentially available, depending on student numbers.

VET Courses

Starting in Year 10, Faith students can choose any of Faith’s VET Courses as an Elective. Points achieved in certificate courses in Year 10 will contribute towards students’ QCE attainment in Senior.

Note that while students can choose two certificate courses, the RTO allows only one Cert III course to be completed in Year 10. Students can pair a Cert III course with either a Cert I, Cert II or Australian Curriculum Elective Course.

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