Faith Year 6 Graduation, 2022

Faith Christian School of Distance Education

HElping families to achieve through christ

Why Distance Education?

Unlike with homeschooling, Faith Christian School does the heavy lifting with curriculum writing and reporting to support YOU, the Home Educator, so you can focus on what really matters: your child’s day-to-day learning.

Fully registered by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board to provide Distance Education for Foundation to Year 12 students.

Faith-based teaching and time built into our timetable for School Chapel, Prayer & Pastoral Care for a strong foundation in Christ, family values, and love.

Educational Programs, Camp and School Trips allowing academic, social and spiritual opportunities to grow and develop.

Students abseiling down a mountain at the Faith Christian School Adventure's Guide to Noosa Camp
“The Adventurer’s Guide to Noosa Camp was a great atmosphere, uplifting mood. One of the better camps I’ve been on.” Pieter Esterhuysen, Faith Student
Willow Bonett, Duke of Edinburgh
“The best part of Duke of Ed is the Camps. I highly recommend Duke of Ed as you learn a lot about all different people and yourself.” Willow Bonett, Faith Student
Faith has been an absolute blessing for us as a family, enabling us to take our kids out of 9 to 3 school and bring them with us in our caravan to learn as we journey and travel together as a family on a mission for Christ. We’ve been able to incorporate the learning in the curriculum into our day-to-day living and in the places that we are exploring as we go. It’s flexible, it’s wonderful, and we encourage anyone to join! Sulata Pop, Faith Parent
Leadership Staff Graeme Johnston Principal

As your Principal, my team and I are fully committed to ensuring that our school provides high quality education and a range of experiences as well as having a uniquely high level of relationship between our teachers and a clearly defined Christian Worldview.

A young girl sitting at a wooden desk with her siblings in the background, focusing on their studies with books and papers spread out in front of them.

Enrolments for 2024

We’re accepting enrolments for 2024! Get in touch with our office staff for further information.

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