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It’s Week 6! Principal Graeme Johnston shares an update on our Resource Distribution process. Plus, a shoutout to Faith student Lavinia Krushka!

Video Transcript

Well, good morning, everybody, welcome to Week 6 of Term 1 at Faith Christian School! No doubt, everything is up and working for you now, and kids are producing work and sending it in.

Term 2 Resources Distribution Update

Just to let you know that your Term 2 Resources in Years Prep to 6 will be posted to you automatically, no need to fill in a form or opt in. It is just going to happen straight away, and you will have that early in the holidays, late in Term 1, so you can start promptly in Term 2. This is included in your School fees. For those of you who would like to get the printed workbooks in Years 7 through to 10, you can go to the website and order those, and then they will be sent to you, as well.

Important Note: Please view your current address information in the Sentral Parent Portal to ensure it is correct.

What’s New this Week in Co-Curricular

There are lots of things happening besides our Curriculum at the moment. We have Regional Workshops coming up this Friday, we’ve had Sports Days over the past few weeks, and there are seven kids who’ve just been on Camp in Noosa. We also have one of our Year 12 students, Lavinia, from Toowoomba, who is one of our Regional Representatives, and on the weekend, she competed in Lions Youth of the Year! Lots of things happening in the classroom at home with your family, and also in activities with Districts all over the State.

Student Joke: Luna Non, Year 11

Thank you for those students who’ve been sending in student jokes, they are very good! I have one joke for you today from one of our Year 11 students, Luna Non, and here is the joke: Never write with a pencil with a broken point. It’s absolutely pointless! Now, that’s a very good joke to tell. And no doubt, you’ve broken a pencil or two in the past getting your schoolwork done.


I’d just like to finish with a Verse of Scripture. This morning at the office, it was raining. It was lovely to see a light shower, rain outside, but sometimes rain doesn’t come in showers, it comes in storms. It comes in thunderstorms, and I know that in the beginning of a school year, especially this year, it feels like we’ve had a bit of a thunderstorm as everything is getting up and running. But we need the rain. We need the rain of learning. We need the rain on our gardens to make things go well. At the time of Christ, and in the Old Testament, they didn’t have irrigation like we have, they relied on regular rain, and in Zechariah, Chapter 10, Verse 1, it says this: Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who sends thunderstorms.

He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everybody. God’s plan for us is to be productive, but He provides the resources that we need to be productive, He sends the rain, He gives us the intellect we need to do what needs to be done, we have the resources to learn what we need to learn so we can get ready for a life of love and service in this world. So, while we’re praying for rain and for good things to come, we also need to be grateful for the thunderstorms when they arrive, as well. All of these things are part of what we need to live our life well on this planet.

Have a good week, and we’ll see you next week!

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