Student Entrepreneurs Succeed at Faith Christmas Market

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by Christine Scott

On Friday, Nov 10th, 2023, Faith held its very first Christmas Market Stalls Event. The event, which coincided with P-6, and 7-9 school dances, was very successful and well supported by the enthusiastic Faith community. The night featured 13 stall holders for our market stall event. Students did a great job with their marketing, pricing, customer service and continual positivity.

The event was an opportunity for students in the Entrepreneurship and Market Stall Co-curricular Club to develop a business concept, plan and then operate their own business in a safe and protected environment, under the supervision of teachers.

Students offered a range of products and merchandise, including sketch portraits, delicious savoury and dessert items, and handmade items such as hand carved wooden pens and 3D printed items.

“It’s been a pleasure being part of the club this year. I really enjoyed the lessons, the inspiring ideas, and everyone’s enthusiasm toward the subject.”

-Audrielle R, Year 9

Faith teachers are so proud of the students and they should feel a great sense of satisfaction and pride, as it was a fantastic night! 

“I think we all went really well, it was a great night.”

Ahava L, Year 7

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