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Video Overview

Good morning, everybody! Welcome to Week 8, Term 1, 2023. It’s been a busy year as everybody’s been getting used to our new systems, but I am totally impressed by the way that people are getting things done, handing in Assessment, getting it back to their Teacher, reading the feedback through Kami, it’s very, very good! So, well done to those of you, who are doing all of those, and keep up the good work, so we can give you a great Report, at the end of Semester 1.

Boggabilla Mission Trip Highlights

Our Boggabilla Mission Trip has come back, and they’ve had a great time down there on the border interacting with the local School and community. In fact, when they were getting ready to go, there was a delay; one of the trucks took a bit longer to get here than we wanted, so all the kids gathered in the Library Room. There was a guitar on the wall and one of the kids picked it up and they all joined in in to sing Jesus Loves Me!

We’ve also been talking to the kids on the trip. We asked them when they were there what they thought of being on a Mission Trip: what they learned, what the best part of the trip was, and whether they want to go back!

Here’s what our students had to say about our first Mission Trip since the lockdowns have been lifted:

“I’ve learned that, even if we’re in the same country, like Australia, we have very different cultures in it.”

For the Thursday night worship and prayer we were all up front, praying for each other. We would put our hands on people, and we would all pray and the most delightful thing was seeing three kids come to God, and God just pouring out His Spirit on them, and they actually experiencing His love for the first time.”

I definitely want to come back… I just found that we just loved people there, they’re such a community, and I think that’s something that I also have taken away: how connected they are and how beautiful it is, and they just love being in that environment.”

Part 1 of our Mission Trip was a success! I really am pleased to be part of a School that does local Mission Trips. We’re not just going once, we’re going back in August, and we’re going to build a relationship with the Schools and the communities out there and do this on a regular basis so that our kids have a chance to have a Mission experience and also the local community get a chance to get some visitors from different parts of Queensland.

VET Students in Outdoor Recreation Attend Snorkeling Field Trip

Last week, our VET Students in Certificate II Outdoor Recreation had their first big Field Trip, snorkeling down on the Gold Coast. It was a great day! Not only are they doing their theory (and the first theory they did: you guessed it,Workplace, Health and Safety), but also going on the trip itself so that they can get their qualifications. Wonderful!

Key Reminders for Week 8:

Just a couple of housekeeping items, to make sure, that everything in our School is flowing as smoothly as we possibly can.

Sentral Parent Portal

Please ensure your postal address details are correct in the Sentral Parent Portal. Our Resource team begins packing Term 2 Resources next week!

Faith Regions

Some of our families have noted that they live on the boundary of a Region, and there’s something in the next Region they’d like to do. All you need to do is to go to Learning@Faith, click on the Region that you’re interested in, and then you can see all the things that are available there, and you’ll be able to keep up-to-date. Just do that whenever you like. There’s no limit, as to what event you’re allowed to go to: even if you live in Far North Queensland and come down to Brisbane for a week, and there’s something happening on the Gold Coast, click and join!

Student Joke

We have a joke for you from a student whose name starts with J in Year 3, and here’s her joke:

How do spiders communicate?

Well, that’s easy! She must be a DE student, because… they communicate with the World Wide Web!


As I was thinking, about our Mission Trip this week, I thought about that Verse where the commandment was given to go to Jerusalem and to Judea and the uttermost ends of the Earth. Our kids have left the comfort of their homes for a few days to live on the road doing what they need to do to bless the people that they were visiting in Boggabilla, both at the local School and the local community. I love it! But to do that, they had to leave “Jerusalem”. And sometimes we feel safe, staying where we are, and Judea is one thing, uttermost ends of the Earth is the next thing! So, as you’re developing what you do in your study and in your personal life, in your relationship with Jesus, don’t stay safe where you are. Don’t stay in Jerusalem. Think about, I’ll try something in Judea, that’s a bit further. And then, as you build confidence, you’ll be able to do even more and more. We weren’t meant to have a comfortable, easy life: we were designed to go and do things! So, please do that: Leave Jerusalem, find out what God wants you to do, go and do it!

Have a great week and we’ll see you next week!

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